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ATIX at ConfigMgmtCamp 2024

Meeting old friends, making new ones, and learning a lot of interesting things – that’s what ConfigManagementCamp in Ghent is all about. This year, in 2024, we attended the event again, following the established traditions of the previous year.

ConfigManagementCamp takes place in early February in Ghent, Belgium, right after the FOSDEM weekend in Brussels. There are several plenary keynotes each day, followed by presentations and thematic sessions in the afternoon. The keynotes usually focus on general developments in configuration management and in the larger open-source world. Of course, AI was mentioned several times: how it can help, where it has limits and how can I use it to “enrich” my talk. . There seems to be a new approach to infrastructure as code called winglang – certainly worth a look if you’re working on this topic and working with JavaScript because there is a strong similarity. Thierry de Pauw continued his crusade for trunk-based development which unfortunately does not work for orcharhino.

ConfigMgmtCamp 2024

At lightning talks, we learned about small tools and hacks like Jet or LocalStack, green IT, and how Open Source can go to the dark side. The latter talk was about HashiCorp and how they changed their license from copyleft to making a profit.

In the afternoon we spent a lot of our time in the Foreman sessions. This is one of the pillars keeping us connected to the community, where there were many participants from different companies. In addition, user stories were integrated into the program, enriching the discussions and providing valuable insights during the sessions.

The third day was dedicated to workshops and discussions. We were able to discuss functional requirements and use cases with pulp_deb users. Thanks to the presence of team members Foreman and Katello, we were also able to promote our ongoing upstream contributions. At least two new upstream Pull Requests were created in cross-company pair programming sessions.

ConfigMgmtCamp 2024
ConfigMgmtCamp 2024
ConfigMgmtCamp 2024

ATIX contributed 4 talks to ConfigManagementCamp 2024 in Gent:

Bernhard Suttner spoke about vulnerability scanning with Foreman beyond errata handling.

Jan Bundesman presented his way to keep track of applied patches with the help of orcharhino. And in his second talk Jan Bundesmann gave an overview over downstream pipelines within GitLab CI.

Bastian Schmidt presented his Foreman plugin for Resource Quota which helps users to control the hypervisor resources available to users and user groups.

We would like to thank the organizers for this great event.

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