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CrewDay 2024

At ATIX AG, we recognize that the key to our success lies in the continuous growth and development of our team. This belief is the driving force behind our CrewDay - a day dedicated to learning, collaboration, and professional development. Our CrewDay this year was a remarkable event that brought our team together for a day of dynamic workshops and insightful sessions. CrewDay provided our team with an invaluable opportunity to expand our know-how - from learning the latest technologies to improving internal processes. Read our blog for a detailed report on the highlights of the day.
CloudFest 2024

CloudFest 2024 – How It Was

This year we had the opportunity to visit Cloudfest at Europa-Park Rust for the first time. As one of the central and largest events in the cloud computing industry, it was a great opportunity for us to get to grips with innovations and trends in cloud computing. Right at the start of the festival we met up with friends from mogenius who we had already met at other industry events on topics such as DevOps and Kubernetes. The exchange with like-minded people who share our passion for technology was very inspiring and a great start to the event.
Navigating the XZ Security Vulnerability: A Comprehensive Guide ATIX Blog

Navigating the XZ Security Vulnerability: A Comprehensive Guide

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, the recent discovery of a critical vulnerability in XZ Utils, a widely used data compression software, underscores the need for vigilant security practices. Identified as CVE-2024-3094, this backdoor vulnerability, discovered on March 28, 2024, has sent ripples through the open-source community and beyond, affecting various Linux distributions and necessitating immediate action to safeguard systems against potential exploits​ (Microsoft Community Hub)​​ (Unit 42)​.
Custom Discovery Images for SecureBoot

Custom Discovery Images for SecureBoot

In the previous article "SecureBoot and orcharhino" I explained what SecureBoot is, how it works and what are the options for implementing it in orcharhino. In the end, various options and solutions were presented, with option 2 being discussed in more detail here. I recommend reading this blog post beforehand to better understand the following.
Config Mgmt Camp 2024 ATIX Blog

ATIX at ConfigMgmtCamp 2024

Meeting old friends, making new ones and learning lots of interesting things - that's what ConfigManagementCamp 2024 in Ghent is all about. This year, in 2024, we attended the event again, following the established traditions of the previous year.

Nurturing Open Source: Donation from our Consulting Team

Every year, ATIX donates to a charitable cause at Christmas time. For the first time, this will take place at team level in 2023 - the organization to be supported will now be selected per team. Now it's time for our consultants. They have decided to make a donation to the Free Software Foundation Europe. Jonas Trüstedt, Consulting Teamlead in the field of data center automation, shares his thoughts with us.
Event-Driven Ansible ATIX blog

Event-Driven Ansible

Event-Driven Ansible is here and it opens a whole new world of possibilites for working with Ansible. This article gives an introduction to it and shows a minimal example.
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Christmas donation Team Engineering

Every year, ATIX donates to a charitable cause at Christmas time. For the first time, this will take place at team level in 2023 - the organization to be supported will now be selected per team. Our engineering team was the first to do so and chose the children's cancer charity. We asked team leader Bernhard Suttner how the choice came about.

Recap of the orcharhino Summit 2023

orcharhino Summit 2023: sky-high discussions about open-source software Have you ever asked yourself what a Ferris Wheel, October 17, and orcharhino have in common? No? Well, you should! Take a look at our recap of the orcharhino Summit 2023—this blog will give you a few insights!
Sustainable Open Source

Open-source software today and tomorrow

The color green and open source—not an obvious match, at first glance. Really not? Wrong! Open source actually is green. Would you like to know in what way this is the case and what everything has to do with ATIX's green rhino and Istio? Then enjoy reading my blog!
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