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Donation to S.O.S-Kinderdorf from our Linux Platform and Container Operations Team

As every year, ATIX donates to a charitable cause. Our Linux Platform and Container Operations team has chosen S.O.S-Kinderdorf. We asked team leader Gergely Szalay how this decision was made.

Hello Gergely, so you have decided to make your donation to the S.O.S-Kinderdorf. Why this organization in particular?

Gergely: We quickly agreed that we wanted to support children – there are an infinite number of wonderful organizations, but children are ultimately the future. Three quarters of the team members also have children themselves, so we know how important they are. We all made our suggestions and then voted: the S.O.S-Kinderdorf won, helping children worldwide who would grow up without the support and love of their parents – we didn’t have to think twice.

Why do you think this organization received the most votes?

Gergely: As I said, children can find a home again in these facilities, enjoy support, help and integration – a very comprehensive system that can provide an incredible amount of value from many different aspects. I think that was also crucial: the people affected get all the support they need here, we don’t have to think about what is more important. Family? Health? Support? Integration? Everything is taken care of.

So you have decided to support this extensive work?

Gergely: Exactly. We also know from our own experience how much help a child can need and that all children are different. In this way, we can hope that children in need really do receive the right support. And to be able to support this initiative… Well, none of us wanted to miss out on this opportunity.

Thank you very much, Gergely, for your detailed answers!

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Gergely Szalay

IT Consultant at ATIX AG
Gergely Szalay arbeitet als IT Consultant, Schwerpunkt Kubernetes. Er verfügt über langjährige Erfahrungen im Application Support.