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Nurturing Open Source: Donation from our Consulting Team

In the spirit of fostering open source initiatives, our consulting team proudly supports the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE). Our commitment to advancing the principles of free software and open-source technologies is underscored by our recent donation to FSFE. Jonas Trüstedt, our Consulting Teamlead specializing in data center automation, shared his thoughts with us.

“We collected ideas in our team and then gave everyone 2 votes to decide where our donation should go. The Free Software Foundation Europe won out over other charitable, social and environmental projects.

As we in the team work a lot with open source software and also like to contribute to it with our own extensions or solutions to problems, this organization probably received the most votes.

In our view, free or open source software is an essential component and should therefore be supported. The Free Software Foundation supports efforts in various areas to rely more on such software. On the one hand, they are committed to creating awareness that these possibilities exist and can be used, calling for them to be taken into account in politics and also providing support with the legal aspects, for example to clarify licensing issues.

For open source or free software to work, it should be easy to use for as many people as possible and not present any legal obstacles. On the other hand, transparency also ensures that you have the opportunity to understand what is happening and how you can protect your privacy, for example.”

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Jonas Trüstedt

Dr. Jonas Trüstedt is the team lead at ATIX AG for orcharhino and infrastructure automation. He helps companies to increase their efficiency in the data center by selecting and implementing suitable tools.

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