Foreman is an open source tool for managing and deploying servers. This allows VMs to be installed and configured via various hypervisors (Libvirt, VMware, KVM, oVirt), baremetal servers or cloud instances (e.g. Azure). Puppet, Saltstack and Ansible can be used for the configuration. Other commands can be executed via SSH or Ansible. The installation of the instances is via network or image-based. Foreman can itself provide DHCP and DNS as services or use and manage existing systems. Using the Katello plugin, Foreman can also provide repositories as mirrors, manage software version statuses in them and thus also offer lifecycle and patch management. As an enterprise option with support, for example, there is orcharhino with the support for all popular Linux distributions.


  • Deployment of VMs, baremetal servers and cloud instances
  • Network and Image-based installation scenarios
  • WebGUI for central control
  • Managing configuration management from a PHP for Puppet/Ansible/Saltstack
  • Expandable for lifecycle and patch management via Katello
  • OS: CentOS, RHEL, Suse, Oracle Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, Windows
  • OpenSource with helpful community

How Do We Support You?

  • Planning and implementation of an infrastructure with Foreman (& Katello) or orcharhino
  • Help and advice for an existing infrastructure
  • Migration from Foreman & Katello to orcharhino
  • Training for the use of Foreman (with Katello) and orcharhino
  • ATIX is an official Professional Service Partner of Foreman
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