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Registers and Macros in Vim

Chemnitz Linux Days 2023—and ATIX in the thick of things! In his talk, our Senior IT Consultant Jan Bundesmann presented registers and macros in Vim.

Installing OpenShift through Foreman

If you understand how to install CoreOS, you can also install OpenShift 4. You can provision CoreOS hosts using Foreman. In his talk at the Config Management Camp 2023, Jan explained how to do so, what obstacles there are, and how to use this solution to deploy an OpenShift cluster.


When I say I’m an IT consultant, what I really mean is that I’ve mastered Vim. All problems become so easy and quick to solve, because editing the files happens as if by magic. And in an emergency, even without a graphical user interface. Here are some tips that should make life and work with Vim easier for all readers.

User-Provisioned Infrastructure for OpenShift with orcharhino

Recently, a participant of a Kubernetes training asked me whether this OpenShift can be set up with orcharhino. He had been an orcharhino user for some time and was familiar with its automation methods, Kubernetes and OpenShift in particular were still relatively new to him. “Yes.”, I replied, but then had to pause, brooding and silent. We’d done this before, but this was OpenShift 3.

Docker Alternatives

Docker has started a revolution with its easy access to Linux containers: Containerized applications, microservices, DevOps, GitOps, and Kubernetes are noticeably spreading. But then suddenly it says “Docker support in [kubernetes] is now deprecated and will be removed in a future release”. What does this mean for you and your work with containers? With Kubernetes? For starters, the good news is that you don’t have to change much at all. This blog briefly outlines existing alternatives, categorizes them, and provides a brief example for developers.