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orcharhino offers many possibilities to automate data centers. Our trainers provide best practices, practical insights, and the necessary knowledge for working with orcharhino on a daily basis.



This course is intended for participants who have no or only little experience with orcharhino. In practical exercises, you will learn about the core functions deployment, lifecycle management, and configuration management. Further training contents include maintaining orcharhino and using plug-ins.


  • Knowledge of Linux and Terminal as well as basic skills regarding the installation of a Linux server desirable
  • Experienc ein working with a terminal editor, such as vi(m), nano, emacs, etc.
  • Basic understanding of SSH


  • Overview of orcharhino functions
  • Host deployment
  • Lifecycle management
  • Patch management
  • Configuration management (Puppet, Ansible, Saltstack)
  • Application-centric deployment
  • Configuration of orcharhino
  • Additional plug-ins (e.g., remote execution, OpenSCAP)
  • Command Line Interface (Hammer CLI)
  • Using the foreman-ansible-modules


€ 1,990 plus VAT (per participant)

Our trainings take place online.


Monday, Apr 22, 2024 to Wednesday, Apr 24, 2024 (SOLD OUT)

Monday, Oct 07, 2024 to Wednesday, Oct 09, 2024

Note: We reserve the right to cancel/postpone the training up to two weeks before the date if the minimum number of participants is not reached.



Dr. Fabrice Brimioulle
IT Consultant

Detailed profile

Fabrice Brimioulle has been working as an orcharhino Consultant at ATIX AG for more than five years. As an expert for the lifecycle automation tool, he passes on his profound knowledge to our customers in different workshops and trainings. In addition, he advises clients on the configuration management tool Puppet, with his main focus on server virtualization. This includes general server management (deployment, configuration management, release and patch management) and support in setting up orcharhino platforms.

Dr. Jonas Trüstedt
Senior IT Consultant

Detailed profile

Jonas works as orcharhino Consulting Teamlead and Trainer at ATIX. With over eight years of subject-specific expertise, he is a specialist for open source and Linux, and supports our customers in automating their infrastructure. As he knows all about the applications of our orchestration tool, he focuses on supporting and training orcharhino customers. He is also an expert for container platforms such as Kubernetes or OpenShift, so that he can deliver customized solutions and options for all individual customer requirements. He regularly passes on his knowledge from numerous projects in our trainings.

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