ATIX donates to the Friendly Fire emergency relief fund and Sea-Eye e.V.

This year, we are donating the equivalent of 1,500 Christmas gifts to the Friendly Fire Emergency Relief Fund and Sea-Eye e. V.

About the Friendly Fire Emergency Relief Fund

Friendly Fire is a charity livestream event of German streamers and creators. During the approximately 12-hour stream, donations will be collected for various, non-profit projects as part of a betterplace fundraising campaign.
In this year’s charity stream—Friendly Fire 8—for the second time, 1/8th of the donations collected on the fundraising page will go to what is called the Friendly Fire Emergency Relief Fund. This is to be used during the year for short-term responses to local and global humanitarian disasters. Charity projects are selected and benefited in consultation with the Friendly Fire organizing team.

About Sea-Eye e.V.

Sea-Eye e. V. is a civilian sea rescue organization founded in Regensburg in 2015. With thier ships they are on duty in the central Mediterranean Sea and help people who are in distress at sea while fleeing. Sea-Eye is non-profit and politically and religiously independent.

About Save the Rhino

For several years, ATIX AG has been supporting the charity “Save The Rhino(STR for short). The UK-based organization for nature conservation supports rhinos threatened with extinction all over the world.

STR fights against illegal trade and supports numerous rangers who risk their lives every day to preserve nature. Apart from humans, rhinos have no natural enemies. They are often killed because of their horns. Therefore the (living) animals are dehorned by wildlife guards so that the poachers have no more interest in them.

In addition to the IT services we offer, our product portfolio also includes the lifecycle management tool “orcharhino” developed by us with its green Rhino as a trademark. For this reason, we have decided to commit ourselves to the preservation of the worldwide rhino population. We are happy to donate to “Save The Rhino” again in 2023.

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