Thursday, May 23, 03:00 – 04:00 p.m. CEST

Designing self-hosted Kubernetes platforms for enhanced flexibility

Webinar – Taking Kubernetes to the next level

  • Through skillful orchestration of system components, a Kubernetes system can be built that completely separates the control plane from the actual cluster and the workloads running there.
  • This system is safer, more scalable, and easier to maintain than a “vanilla” Kubernetes, while still retaining its flexibility.

What will you learn about self-hosted Kubernetes?

Join us as we analyze the challenges faced by companies implementing Kubernetes as a self-hosted container platform. Many organizations encounter the following scenario:

  • Role Separation: One department acts as a service provider, tasked with provisioning clusters at the infrastructure level, while responsibility for Kubernetes administration lies with other teams.
  • Limitations of Traditional Approaches: Classic Kubernetes flavors often merge infrastructure and cluster administration, making role separation difficult.

Discover how cloud giants like Azure, AWS, and others handle this dilemma. Cloud providers manage the Kubernetes control plane and infrastructure, leaving customers to oversee activities within the clusters.

Why should you attend this Kubernetes Webinar?

In this webinar, we will share strategies for operating such a platform independently, without relying on the cloud:

  • Intelligent Orchestration: Learn how to architect a system that completely separates the control plane from the cluster and its workloads.
  • Benefits: Understand the advantages of this approach, including enhanced security, scalability, and ease of maintenance, while retaining Kubernetes’ inherent flexibility.

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Meet Your Webinar Host: Dr. Pascal Fries

Dr. Pascal Fries is our expert for cloud-native technologies with a focus on infrastructure as code (IaC) and continuous deployment. As an IT consultant for ATIX AG he stands out through:

  • Building and managing Kubernetes clusters
  • Automation of development and operational processes in container environments
  • Implementation of container platforms such as Docker, Kubernetes and Rancher
  • Provision and management of infrastructure using Terraform
  • Cloud-native CI/CD pipelines

He brings extensive experience and a commitment to simplifying complex tasks and ensuring customers achieve efficient and scalable solutions on their cloud-native journey.

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