Trainer profile

Dr. Pascal Fries

Pascal Fries is a specialist for cloud-native technologies and works on the state of the art of modern IT and its automation. He advises our clients regarding infrastructure as code and continuous deployment, expecially in container environments. He is an expert at simplifying otherwise complex tasks and focuses on DevOps and GitOps.

He concentrates on the automated provisioning of infrastructure with Terraform and the optimization of the development and orchestration process of container applications using CI/CD tools. He also supports customers in designing and implementing container platforms, such as Docker, Kubernetes, and Rancher.

Areas of expertise

• Setup and administration of Kubernetes (multi-)clusters

• Automation of development and operating processes in the container environment

• Container application management via GitOps

• Provisioning and management of infrastructure using Terraform

• Cloud-native CI/CD

Conferences and publications

Chemnitzer Linux Tage 2023: “WebAssembly auf der Serverseite: Was ist WASI?”
Chemnitzer Linux Tage 2022: „Everything as Code“ mit Terraform und Ansible
IT Tage 2022: “Kubernetes: Backup und Restore” & “Git für Ops – Anwendungsbetrieb aus der Versionskontrolle
OSAD 2021: “Common Pitfalls in GitOps Workflows