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Cloud Native has long been more than just a buzzword. The approach, in which scalable applications are developed for use in the cloud, fully exploits the technology’s advantages. The goal is to keep the operational effort for users as low as possible; moreover, the apps are robust and can be monitored and managed.

Our Cloud-Native Solutions

Modern IT infrastructures are largely standardized and automated. Companies that implement this consistently use their resources efficiently, shorten their time to market, and thereby optimize their market position.

We fully support conventional infrastructures and teams on their journey to the cloud.

We analyze and optimize existing cloud systems, focusing on current best practices.

  • Cloud consulting: from vision to reality—we plan and design a future-proof strategy. Together.
  • Cloud services: the strategic decision is followed by implementation and smooth operation. For single, multi-, or hybrid cloud.
  • Cloud applications: we use highly available, scalable, and flexible applications in container environments to take full advantage of the cloud.
  • Cloud security: state-of-the-art frameworks, technologies, and expertise create trust—cloud, for sure!
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Questions about our cloud-native offer?

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Details about our solutions and cloud native:

What is Cloud Native?

Cloud Native is the approach to developing, deploying, and managing modern applications in cloud-computing environments. Modern enterprises want to create highly scalable, flexible, and resilient applications that they can update quickly to meet the needs of their customers.

To this end, they use modern tools and techniques that support software development in a cloud infrastructure. These cloud-native technologies enable fast and frequent changes to applications without impacting service delivery, giving users an innovative competitive advantage.

Advantages of Cloud Native

Cloud-native development entails agile practices, such as DevOps and Continuous Delivery. Developers use automated tools, cloud services, and a modern design culture to build quickly scalable applications.

By adopting the cloud-native approach, companies do not need to invest in procuring and maintaiuning expensive physical infrastructure. This leads to long-term savings in operating expenses.

Cloud-native technology enables enterprises to develop resilient and highly available applications. Updates do not cause downtime, and enterprises can scale up application resources during peak loads to ensure an optimal experience at all times.

Cloud-native systems reduce development time and increase software quality. Developers create hardware-independent, containerized, out-of-the-box applications using DevOps practices. Updates are possible at any time without downtime.

Developers can count on the consistency and reliability of the operating environment and don’t have to worry about hardware incompatibilities. This allows the development team to focus on their development tasks again instead of maintaining the infrastructure.

Only the resources that the application really uses have to be paid for. For example, if traffic only increases at certain times of the year, additional costs are only incurred for this period. No resources are provided that remain unused for most of the year.

Cloud-Native Solutions in Detail

Cloud consulting (private/hybrid/public)

From vision to reality. We plan and design a future-proof strategy. Together.

The journey to the cloud is long, and a simple “lift and shift” is rarely possible. Whether on premises, hyperscaler, hybrid, or multi-cloud, we help you choose the right platform, build the infrastructure together and find the right provider. Together, we design a strategy that paves the way to modern architectures.

In doing so, we always keep an eye on the use case and costs incurred and help select the appropriate cloud services. We analyze every existing software component for the cloud-native approach and check it for cost-efficient cloud compatibility. In this way, we ensure that the software can be operated sustainably. If there is potential for optimizing the software, we are happy to help with this as well.

ATIX Hybrid Cloud Strategy (AHCS)

Private Cloud

In contrast to hyperscalers, the private cloud is located in the company’s own data center. It is suitable for setting up completely proprietary solutions that are only made accessible to a specific group of users. The company itself is entirely responsible for maintenance and operation.

Hybrid Cloud

  • Flexible: With the hybrid cloud, users can decide for themselves which data to store in their own data center and which in the hyperscaler. This means that resources from the public cloud can be called upon whenever they are needed.
  • Agile and safe: Applications and services are deployed quickly. With hybrid cloud, it is possible to distribute workload between environments.
  • More cost-effective: hybrid clouds are cost-effective because resources can be added and removed as needed.

Public Cloud

Compared to private and hybrid cloud, the public cloud, especially hyperscalers, is the most cost-efficient solution. The systems are highly available and scalable, and require the least maintenance from the user side.

ATIX Hybrid Cloud Strategy (AHCS)

The AHCS gives customers the flexibility to host their applications in any environment and generate measurable results at an early stage. Whether bare-metal system, virtual machine, private or public cloud— the AHCS stack allows users to deploy applications where they are needed. Also, applications can react flexibly to changes in the infrastructure without having to be completely rebuilt. AHCS constitutes the bridge between data center and hyperscaler.

By consistently using container solutions in lightweight programming languages, it is possible to create applications that offer the benefits of a cloud-native architecture without the pressure of moving the infrastructure directly to a hyperscaler. AHCS makes it possible to run consistent software, both on premises in your own data center and in the cloud. We simplify the build process as well as deployment and application management. This means that we offer highly available and scalable cloud-native software solutions.

Cloud Services

The strategic decision is followed by implementation and smooth operation—whether single, multi-, or hybrid cloud.

Once the strategic decision has been made, we set up all necessary services to create the ideal environment for the applications. We support you in setting up your own data center, establishing a hybrid cloud, and creating a public cloud environment. Just the way you need. We then integrate the software solutions into the target infrastructure. No matter where the journey takes you, we know our way around.

Example services:

  • IAM
  • Network
  • Monitoring, logging, tracing
  • Code repositories
  • CI/CD
  • Container orchestrators
  • Databases and storage

Cloud Applications

We use highly available, scalable, and flexible applications in container environments to fully exploit the advantages of the cloud.

Independent of programming languages, we advise clients on the migration of existing software as well as further and new development for the cloud. We help turn monolithic applications into cloud-compatible architectures. Cloud Native, precisely.

This results in measurably faster, highly available, scalable, and flexible applications for container environments or serverless systems. In addition to resilience, these are easier to maintain and provide further development possibilities. This way, they make ideal use of the advantages of the cloud.

During development, we adopt an iterative approach and deliver functional increments in regular, defined cycles so as to expand the overall functionality piece by piece. In this way, we also provide the flexibility to change the scope between iterations to achieve the required result.

It is part of our self-image that we adapt our software optimally to the target infrastructure, and that we not only develop it, but also deploy, monitor, and analyze it.

Cloud Security

State-of-the-art frameworks, technologies, and expertise create trust. Cloud, for sure!

Security begins with planning and accompanies the project from start to finish. From developing the use case, meeting BSI requirements, managing data to scanning for vulnerabilities and ensuring network security, we are a reliable partner. We are passionate not only about meaningful monitoring, logging, and tracing, but also authorization management, secure pipelines, and CVE scans on image, source code, and dependency level.

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