JIRA Agile und Kanban als projektübergreifende To-do-Liste nutzen

JIRA Agile and Kanban as a cross-project to-do list

JIRA Agile is not only perfect for teams, the popular JIRA plug-in also makes a great personal to-do list. In this blog post, we explain how you can be up and running in less than 3 minutes!

We start by creating a Kanban board in Jira Agile (formerly GreenHopper). Boards are a fantastic way to get an overview of current issues and work on them directly in Jira Agile. Such a board can contain issues from one or more projects.

Create new board

1. log in to JIRA.
2. select “Create > Boards” in the top menu.
3. click on “Create board” in the top right-hand corner.
4. select “Create a Kanban board” on the right to create your new board
5. activate the option “Board from an existing project”.
Now you will be asked for a name for your new Kanban board and can select all projects you want to display in it.

A Kanban board will then be created containing all issues of the projects you have selected that do not belong to a published version (for further information, see Managing Versions).

You may want to adjust the default display filter of your Kanban board. You can also add a filter that only displays the issues of the user currently logged in (usually, that is you) and/or of your user. The projects displayed in your Kanban board can be limited with this filter, too.

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