Trainer profile

Dr. Jonas Trüstedt

“Above all, orcharhino offers numerous possibilities to automate various processes. Therefore, it is helpful to define the purpose together in the training and to consider how this can be implemented in a target-oriented manner. You benefit from the experience of the trainers as well as the interactivity in the training.”

Jonas works as orcharhino Consulting Teamlead and Trainer at ATIX. With over 8 years of specialist expertise, he is an experienced specialist for Open Source and Linux and advises our customers on the automation of their infrastructure.

After working with orcharhino for many years, he is familiar with all the applications of our orchestration tool. For this reason, his focus is on supporting and traininging orcharhino customers. Both orcharhino and Kubernetes are very complex due to their configuration and versatile features. Presenting these in a structured way and showing the connections is one of the most important points in training. As the most experienced expert in this field, he delivers customized solutions and options for all individual customer requirements.

Areas of expertise

  • orcharhino, Foreman/Katello
  • Container platforms (Kubernetes, OpenShift)
  • Configuration management (Puppet, Ansible, Saltstack)
  • Linux administration

Conferences and publications

IT Tage 2022: “Anwendungszentriertes Provisionieren von Servern”
OSAD 2022: “Efficient server care with orcharhino
IT Tage 2021: “DevOps – Geschichten aus dem wahren Leben”
OSAD 2021: “Why you should use lifecycle-management with orcharhino slide 7 wil surprise you
IT Tage 2019: “ConfigMgmtTools (Ansible, Puppet, Saltstack) – Was kann es und wo gibt es Unterschiede?”
OSAD 2019: “orcharhino: Multifunktionswerkzeug für Linux-Admins
Informatik Aktuell: Beiträge zum Thema DevOps
FrosCon 2018: Puppet, Salt oder Ansible – welches Tool ist das Richtige?:
OSAD 2018: Container vom Fließband
Heise Magazin 2016: Docker im Cluster verwalten und orchestrieren – Dirigenten fürs Blech