Katello is an open source tool that provides patch, release and lifecycle management for Foreman as a plugin. This allows repositories to be synchronized and stored in certain software volumes. These software stands allow the various lifecycles (e.g. dev > test > prod) to be supplied with different patchlines in an infrastructure. Using Foreman’s GUI, once the servers are connected, the list of all installed packages can be viewed, and packages can be installed/upgraded or removed. In addition, Errata information can be used and matched to host package lists to illustrate which hosts are affected by current CVE-listed vulnerabilities-and patched them from the surface Can. Katello is also part of the entertainment product orcharhino.


  • Plugin for Foreman
  • Mirror repositories for your own infrastructure
  • Managing the software stands in defined versions
  • Linking software stands to lifecycle environments
  • Provision of repositories via HTTPS with certificate-based encryption
  • Mirror for rpm, deb-, docker, puppet and file repositories
  • OpenSource with helpful community

How Do We Support You?

  • Planning and implementation of an infrastructure with Foreman & Katello or orcharhino
  • Help and advice for an existing infrastructure
  • Migration from Foreman & Katello to orcharhino
  • Training for the use of Foreman (with Katello) and orcharhino
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