Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) connects multiple Docker hosts to one cluster, helping to build a complete environment for developing and operating containerized applications. Kubernetes or Docker Swarm can be used as cluster software.

Users can use Docker EE to develop their applications, package them into Images, and deploy them directly to a productive environment.


  • Central cluster management via Universal Control Plane (UCP)
  • Own webGUI
  • Use of Docker Swarm and Kubernetes is possible and interchangeable while running
  • Certified Kubernetes Distribution
  • Docker Trusted Registry (DTR) including Security Scan of images
  • OS undependent (SLES, RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows)
  • Microsoft Windows Hosts usable as Worker
  • multi-client capable

How Do We Support You?

  • When planning a Docker container cluster
  • When It comes to implementation through Concept, PoC and Installation
  • By taking specific infrastructure requirements into account
  • Docker Training

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