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ATIX AG and LMU Klinikum

We have already had very positive experiences with ATIX consulting on other projects, such as Suse Manager or SaltStack. The support of the employees of ATIX AG in setting up the container technology with Kubernetes led the LMU Klinikum quickly and competently from PoC to productive operation.

Simon Leutner, Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Inf.
Head of Central Services, Department of Medical Technology and IT, LMU Hospital


Container application operation

Container technology was made mainstream by Docker and has since revolutionized IT. Container technology enables applications to be deployed resource-efficiently and quickly, reducing maintenance tasks and attack surfaces, and making applications portable. Container technology increases the speed, stability and availability of IT services and thus the performance and business success of companies.

LMU Klinikum was looking for an IT partner to build up its expertise in container technology. The goal was to run container applications while having a simple and clear guide for operation. It was also important to configure security-related aspects correctly.

The solution

Building container platforms based on Kubernetes

The industry standard in container platforms is Kubernetes, which is also known as a virtual data center for container applications. Kubernetes allows container applications to be deployed in a highly available manner, scaling them and updating them without downtime. In doing so, Kubernetes manages computing resources, virtual networks, persisting data and ensuring security policies.

ATIX AG was already IT partner of LMU Klinikum for different topics (e.g. Suse Manager, NFS Storage, Saltstack). For the know-how development, the conceptual design and the realization of the Kubernetes project, a renewed cooperation has offered itself. The consultants of ATIX AG were able to accompany the LMU Klinikum within the scope of project support during the setup of a proof of concept and the go-live into the productive operation of Kubernetes. In the context of operational support, the consultants of ATIX AG always stood by the side of the LMU Klinikum to help with challenges.

Bettenhaus Campus Grosshadern

Source: LMU Klinikum München

Main entrance LMU Klinikum München - Klinikum Großhadern

Source: LMU Klinikum München


Field of activity: IT operations for 49 specialist clinics, departments and institutes

Headquarters: Munich, Germany

Company data: The LMU Hospital has two locations, about 500,000 patients annually and about 11,000 employees

About the LMU Klinikum:

With its two Munich sites, Campus Großhadern and Campus Innenstadt, LMU Klinikum is one of the largest university hospitals in Germany and Europe. Every year, around 500,000 patients place their trust in the expertise, care and commitment of our employees in 29 specialist clinics, thirteen institutes and seven departments, as well as the 52 interdisciplinary centers. More information:

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