Think Tanks @ ATIX

In the IT world there are constantly new developments, especially tools. To address all this, the ATIX crew relies on a reliable format: Think Tanks.

Our colleagues are currently working on Packer and its functionalities.

The great advantage of Think Tanks is that colleagues work together on a topic that interests them. This provides additional motivation and helps to view the topic from different angles.

In order to gain effective practical experience with a tool like Packer*, a clear objective should be set together at the beginning.

This objective can then be pursued either jointly or in parallel.

At the same time, a broad spectrum of the tool’s various functions can be covered.

Finally, the Think Tank members exchange their experiences and collect the results in a document.

To sum it up: As soon as you are interested in a new topic/tool, look for comrades-in-arms and gather practical experience together. A Think Tank offers the ideal platform for this because through teamwork you not only have fun, but can also try out different ideas in a short time. However, the number of participants should not be too large – with the ATIX crew, a group size of three to five people has proven to be the most effective.

Try it out! We hope you have fun!

*HashiCorp Packer is a tool for creating images for cloud platforms, virtual machines and containers, among others. Packer was launched in 2013 as the first official Hashicorp project. Vagrant was started even before HashiCorp was founded. The goal of Packer is to create a single workflow for the development of different deployment images.

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