OSAD HackDay 2019


The day after OSAD, it was time again for the development team to organize the HackDay on Foreman/Katello open-source projects at the ATIX headquarters. 

Like last year, the goal was to create various PullRequests for the Foreman project itself and its plugins. Equally important, however, was the mutual exchange of information about the technologies, workflows and software architectures used.

Of course, we were very happy that we received support from Brno again this year. This time we were able to welcome Adam, who helped us with advice and assistance and was our direct contact to the core-development team.

Developers from Sixt GmbH were also present, and their open source SmartProxy plugin for address management via BlueCat was packaged nicely and extended with tests.


This year we were able to take care of the following projects, among others:

Special Thanks

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in the hacking. Special thanks also go to Timo, who 

unfortunately could not be on site, but supported us by reviewing the produced code. Not to mention, of course, thanks to our management, who provided us with internet, pizza, sweets and coffee.

We are already looking forward to OSAD next year, which of course will be followed by another HackDay.

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