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In the last 12 months, two of our colleagues successfully completed their apprenticeship at ATIX—Anh with a focus on digitization management and Emiri as a specialist for marketing communication. We are pleased that they decided to stay part of our team as Junior Project Manager Digitization and Junior Online Marketing Manager. We look forward to our future collaboration! Take a look at our career page and find the right apprenticeship for you.


I finished my apprenticeship about one year ago. I decided to stay at ATIX because of the challenging, yet fun tasks and my wonderful coworkers, who supported me during my three-year period as an Auzubi.

During the covid pandemic, I was afraid that the work culture might change as we all moved to remote work. However, my worries were quickly allayed. Despite working from home, we all were able to keep up a fun and easy-going work culture and talk with people freely over conference calls.

Since people started to return to ATIX, I appreciate that we all eat together. Everyone helps make lunch, and we cook great food. These moments I treasure, they give us a chance to talk and eat with people we usually have little contact to since our departments don’t work closely together.

At ATIX, we are free to flex our creative muscles. We are an open-minded team, all of our ideas are taken seriously, and we can think of new or unusual ways to solve an issue. For instance, I was able to direct my own video for marketing as well as design a lot of our printed material. I enjoy seeing my vision come to life at booths we have at many events we go to.

The trust, freedom, and direction ATIX gave me as an Auzubi helped me grow. Surely, many of my coworkers feel similarly since we were awarded the Great Place to Work award consecutively since 2019. Again, a big thank you to the ATIX crew, and I look forward to future projects together!


I’m grateful when I think back to the proud moment when I successfully completed my apprenticeship as a merchant for digitization management.

In this blog article, I will take you on a journey through my experience as an apprentice and explain my motivations for staying loyal to ATIX.

What makes ATIX so special is its passion for open source. The company is committed to open standards and collaborative development, which creates a unique atmosphere of knowledge sharing and innovation. At ATIX, people not only share knowledge, but also actively contribute to advancing technologies and developing new solutions. Being part of this community gives me the opportunity to expand my skills, learn from others, and have a positive impact on the digital world.

The variety of interesting projects I’ve worked on at ATIX has allowed me to gain a wide range of valuable experiences—from developing innovative software solutions to executing complex digitization projects.
At every step, I expanded my knowledge and deepened my expertise. Now, I can’t wait to put what I have learned into practice and apply my knowledge with a goal in mind.

My apprenticeship started during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the challenges, ATIX was always at my side. Around the clock, I had helpful colleagues to support me in case of questions and concerns. This unceasing effort not only gave me peace of mind, but also the sense that I was part of a dedicated team at ATIX where people are there for each other. I was very impressed by the strength and cooperation shown in such difficult times.

ATIX offers exciting prospects for my professional development. I have the opportunity to continuously develop and learn new skills. I can build on my strengths and fully develop my passion for digitization.
I look forward to working on exciting projects and shaping the digital future together with ATIX.

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