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ATIX at DevOpsCon 2023: Berlin

This year, ATIX was part of the DevOpsCon in Berlin in June. Find out about our trip and impressions of the 2023 conference.

The event brought together many experts, professionals, and enthusiasts interested in the development and application of DevOps practices. So, our colleagues Sascha, Daniel, Vincent, Lukas, Patrick, and Fabrice started their journey in Munich, with different goodies for the conference attendees ready to be distributed. We have to admit, the cookies were great. How can you transport a sweet treat without trying it, right? 😀 😏

Way to Berlin
Goodies for devopscon 2023

On the night before the conference, there was a welcome dinner, and I think everyone ate a lot … but what the hey, our guys needed the energy 🙂

Welcome session food at devopscon
Welcome session food at devopscon
ATIX team at welcome session at devopscon

Our ATIX stand featured two topics: orcharhino and Cloud Native. Cloud Native is more than just a buzzword. Cloud Native enables scalable applications designed for the cloud to reach their full potential. ATIX offers Cloud Native solutions that minimize operational overhead, are reliable, and enable effective monitoring and management. These solutions include cloud consulting (private/hybrid/public), cloud services, cloud applications and cloud security. Sound good? Then find out more about ATIX’s hybrid cloud strategy (AHCS)! It gives users the flexibility to host applications in any environment and delivers measurable results early on. AHCS simplifies deployment, management and scaling with consistent and efficient cloud software solutions

And orcharhino is an automation tool for data centers. It is a modern solution for effective process automation and provides capabilities for configuration management, application orchestration, and other tasks needed to optimize operations in large and complex data infrastructures. Weitere Informationen findet Ihr auf der orcharhino Website, wo Ihr Data und Fact Sheets herunterladen sowie Informationen zu unserer orcharhino Schulung findet.

ATIX team at devopscon

Of course, the entire conference was awesome. Sascha and Daniel gave a very interesting presentation called “DevOps is dead, long live DevOps”. They raised an important question about the future development of DevOps and what changes and challenges await us in the future. They emphasized the DevOPs evolution and new technologies, methods, and approaches that can enhance the benefits in today’s world of development and operations. Many people asked questions at the end of the presentation, and our team was happy to have a discussion with the audience. You can find the slides here.

Sascha and Daniel - presentation at devopscon

DevOpsCon 2023 was a real success for our colleagues, who presented orcharhino and participated in an interesting discussion about the future of DevOps. The conference confirmed the importance and relevance of DevOps in today’s IT world and pushed for new ideas and innovations. Our colleagues returned with useful knowledge and inspiration for further work up their sleeves.

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