Terraform is a powerful tool for IT automation. It allows you to automate the use of your infrastructure, may it be cloud-based, such as Azure AD, AWS Lambda, and databases, or otherwise, for example, vSphere VMs. Your setup is not confined to a single use case: Terraform supports different cloud providers simultaneously, i.e., hybrid-and multicloud scenarios.

Terraform follows the infrastructure as code (IaC) philosophy: first describe and document your planned infrastructure, then let your existing setup match your description. For this purpose, Terraform uses its own low-level syntax, the Hashicorp Configuration Language (HCL). Terraform can be integrated into your own CI/CD workflow to automate your infrastructure. This allows you to keep your infrastructure both well-documented and bereft of configuration drifts.


  • Follow the IaC principle: document your infrastructure and let your existing setup match the description
  • Use simple high-level scripting language
  • Create and manage your infrastructure:
    • VMs and containers
    • Databases
    • Monitoring
    • VS Infrastructure
  • Benefit from a multitude of supported infrastructure platforms:
    • Cloud: AWS, Azure, Google, Alibaba, Oracle, Hetzner, …
    • Containers: Kubernetes
    • Virtualization: vSphere
  • Combine with Ansible, Puppet, or Saltstack to map configuration management

How Do We Support You?

  • Solutions tailored to your needs, including concept, PoC, and final implementation:
    • Co-planning and implementation of resource management with Terraform
    • Support of existing Terraform solutions
  • Planning and implementation of Terraform-based Ansible, Puppet, and Saltstack solutions
  • Development and/or integration into your CI/CD pipeline. Customize Terraform to your needs via the cloud development kit or standard programming languages, such as java, go, c#, and python
  • Terraform Training

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