AlmaLinux is a community-driven enterprise Linux distribution. It’s a downstream product of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8. The distribution was created in the beginning of 2021 after Red Hat announced to focus its efforts on CentOS Stream rather than CentOS 8.


  • Linux distribution founded by CloudLinux
  • Focuses on stability
  • Is free to download, use, and update
  • Provides free errata
  • Supports Secure Boot
  • Uses `dnf` for package management
  • Suited for both servers and workstations with graphical desktop environments

How Do We Support You?

  • Plan and implement AlmaLinux installations
  • Customize solutions for the specific requirements of your infrastructure
  • Configure AlmaLinux deployments using Ansible, Puppet, or Salt
  • Automatically provision hosts running AlmaLinux using orcharhino
  • Apply errata on existing AlmaLinux deployments
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