How does Enterprise Linux work?

Enterprise Linux operating systems are offered with support options in the form of subscriptions at various severity levels. Subscriptions include support, updates and patches for the appropriate term. In addition, the software is certified by numerous hardware and application manufacturers.
The free Linux variations, like CentOS or Scientific Linux are not certified or only certified by a few manufacturers and the support is usually only provided by the community, i.e. the developer community.

How do we support you?

  • When selecting a suitable Linux distribution for your company
  • When implementing the desired Linux distribution in your data center
  • With support for your enterprise Linux

What are the advantages of Enterprise Linux with ATIX?

Independence: We are a manufacturer-independent service provider and will find the best Enterprise Linux solution for you.

Flexibility: Enterprise Linux can be easily adapted to your individual needs. Our experts for configuration management will help you with this.

Interoperability: Enterprise Linux solutions consistently rely on open standards, so that the interaction between different products causes significantly fewer problems than is usually the case with products with proprietary interfaces.

Quality: Enterprise Linux products have an excellent quality standard that is in no way inferior to proprietary solutions. Due to the developments of the worldwide Open Source community, proprietary solutions are often even surpassed.

Enterprise Linux Distributions

For a solid base of your IT infrastructure, you need a solid Linux distribution. More information

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