Configuration Managment

What is configuration management?

Configuration management refers to the management, organization, and Implementation of configurations for specific products. Configuration management tools can be used for automation.

Where is configuration management used in IT?

Each server has configurations for services and applications. These must be documented and maintained. To avoid interference and outages while still managing a large Number of servers with their configurations, we recommend configuration management tools. This allows configurations to be mapped and applied in hierarchy levels.

What are the benefits of configuration management?

  • Automated roll-out: On a particular server group, does a parameter need to be changed? Change it in central management and all servers take over the changes on their own and automatically.
  • Clarity: All configurations are centrally stored and managed — this allows configuration parameters to be found and adjusted quickly.
  • Standardization: For standardized server groups, configurations can also be grouped across multiple hierarchy levels.
  • Transparency: Configuration changes are made visible and provide feedback on whether all updates have been successfully adopted.

How do we implement automated configuration management?

Puppet features

  • Orchestration
  • Automatic configuration management
  • Automatic commissioning
  • Simple configuration by describing the desired target state of a system.
  • Modular design of the configuration.
  • Flexible handling of the configuration through the use of templates.
  • Many other modules for a wide variety of applications are freely available on Puppet Forge.
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Saltstack features

  • Multi master operation for redundancy and scalability
  • Support for common cloud infrastructures
  • Excellent usability through the use of the simple Yaml format
  • Native GitFS support
  • Push/pull process
  • Support through “Foreman”
  • ACL function
  • Event system “Reactor”
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Ansible features

  • Lightweight Management Tool
  • Automated Deployment
  • Automated configuration management
  • IT Orchestration
  • Modular Structure
  • Easy to use
  • SSH based Communication
  • Playbooks for Managing host Groups
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How Do We Support You?

  • When selecting the right configuration management tool
  • When implementing an automation solution in your environment
  • Training to prepare you and your colleagues to use the appropriate tools in your company

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