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What is Release and Patch Management?

Release and patch management are an integral part of a server’s lifecycle management. In Release and Patch Management, software releases are created and automatically rolled out to the relevant environment (e.g. Test, Dev, Prod). Patch management ensures that security patches, for example, are automatically applied to the relevant environment.

Where is release and patch management used?

In order to guarantee smooth operation and to test new changes before they are transferred to the production environment, version levels can be defined for different environments. Ideally, new changes are first rolled out and checked on a test system and, if successful, passed on in the corresponding lifecycle. This ensures which software versions are available in the different environments. In addition, security updates can be automatically rolled out directly to server groups without globally raising all package version levels. You determine the degree of automation and complexity yourself.

How do we support you?

  • When planning a release and patch management concept
  • Selecting and implementing the right tools for you
  • Adapting the chosen solution to your special needs

What are the benefits of release and patch management?

  • Lifecycle management: By means of defined software versions for different environments (development, test, production), patches and new releases can be tested before they are implemented in the productive environment.
  • Automated unrolling: If desired, security updates can be rolled out automatically to all servers, server groups or individual servers.
  • Versioning: By means of different software versions, even corresponding environments with the same version status can be reproducibly and easily extended with new servers.

How do we implement release and patch management?

orcharhino features

  • Easy creation of repositories
  • Deployment (e.g. via VMware)
  • Subscription Management
  • Lifecycle Management / Release Management
  • Patch management
  • One console for all types of systems (physical, virtual, mainframe, desktop, …)
  • Inventory & Auditing
  • Integration with SUSE Customer Center
  • Integration of SLES-based clients
  • Own products or content views
  • No forced binding to a Linux distribution
  • API integration in 3rd party scripts and management suites possible
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