What is Automation?

Automation is the transfer of Work from Humans to machines realized with he help of machines.

How is automation used in IT?

For example, in the server area. With an automated configuration management process, the Installation of new VMs is unattended.

What are the benefits of IT automation?

  • Increase In Throughput performance (Higher Productivity)
  • Easing the burden on your staff (Especially from monotonous Work)
  • Saving personnel costs
  • “Green-IT”: Automation conserves existing resources, including energy (electricity, cooling) with personal-independent processes (E.g. DRS – distributed resource scheduler)

How do we implement Automation?

When it comes to Implementing IT automation, we rely on open source technologies. Experience shows that we always achieve good results for our customers with these.

Configuration Management

Configuration Managment

Automated server deployment


Release and Patch Management

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