orcharhino operation

Contact us for comprehensive advice on our operating quotas for orcharhino. We will be happy to advise you!

Consulting for IT Operations

The operational support is especially suitable for users who want to hand over tasks in the area of administration and use of orcharhino. Our support team undertakes activities such as:

  • Adding a new operating system incl. Repositories, Products, Content Views, and Templates
  • Rolling out new systems to already connected virtualization solutions and networks
  • Connection of further virtualization systems of the same system type of already connected compute resource providers
  • Working with existing configuration management systems
  • Working with the functions of the web interface and their equivalents on the command line
  • Apply published patches

Operational takeover

Here, our support team takes over the entire administration, as well as the complete use of orcharhino. Our customers express their wishes via our support portal and our team carries them out quickly and reliably. This service also includes the extension of an existing orcharhino.

  • Installation and configuration of new program components such as plug-ins to extend functionality to include management of additional virtualization types or additional configuration management systems
  • Installation and configuration of another orcharhino server or orcharhino proxy working in conjunction with the previously supported system

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