Our engineering department helps your business adapt and optimize your linux environments in configuration management.

Here, we make purposeful use of the high flexibility that Linux offers over other operating systems. Linux offers a wide range of solutions to every conceivable challenge. Our goal is to ideally align the needs of your company and the specifications of the hardware and software manufacturers and ensure the smooth operation of your systems.

Our focus is on the integral components of data center automation:


Deployment refers to the automated roll-out of a system. This can be an application, a fully configured server, or a container. Thanks to automation, these processes are not only simpler and faster to perform, but also reproducible.

Configuration Management

Configuration management refers to the management, organization, and Implementation of configurations for specific products. Configuration management tools can be used for automation.

Release & patch management

Release and patch management are an integral part of a server’s lifecycle management. In Release and Patch Management, software releases are created and automatically rolled out to the relevant environment (e.g. Test, Dev, Prod). Patch management ensures that security patches, for example, are automatically applied to the relevant environment.

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