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We believe in open standards and deliver customized Linux and open source solutions for your business success.

We now support more than 1,000 companies with our consulting, engineering, and support expertise. We adapt our automation and infrastructure solutions to your individual needs and provide you with comprehensive support from planning to setup with 24/7 support.


Whether implementing a completely new solution or extending or restructuring your existing Linux infrastructure, we offer your company high-quality and cost-efficient solutions. Our consultants provide you with comprehensive support from planning to implementation, including configuration, testing and commissioning.

It is our goal to keep the costs of your IT department low with our support.



Our engineering department helps your business adapt and optimize your linux environments in configuration management.

Here, we make purposeful use of the high flexibility that Linux offers over other operating systems. Linux offers a wide range of solutions to every conceivable challenge. Our goal is to ideally align the needs of your company and the specifications of the hardware and software manufacturers and ensure the smooth operation of your systems.



When it comes to supporting our customers, we rely on the flexible ATIX support models in the form of subscriptions.

We tailor our support services to your needs — for example, few critical servers can get a lower level of support than a service that is vital to your business. It is even possible to focus support on individual servers.

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