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We believe in open standards and deliver customized Linux and open source solutions for the success of our customers.

We now support more than 1,000 companies with our Consulting, Engineering and Support divisions. We adapt our automation and infrastructure solutions to individual requirements and offer comprehensive support – from planning and setup to 24/7 support.

Consulting for IT Operations

Looking for operational support for IT and in the cloud? You’ll find what you’re looking for at ATIX! Our employees drive innovation with the latest technologies and pave the way into the digital age.

We support companies five days a week, whether on-site, remote or hybrid, for a minimum term of three months.

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Whether implementing a completely new solution or expanding or restructuring an existing Linux infrastructure, we offer high-quality and cost-effective solutions. Our consultants are available from the planning stage through to implementation, including configuration, testing and launch.

With our help, our customers can keep the costs of their IT department low.



Our engineering department supports companies in adapting and optimizing the configuration management of their Linux environments.

In contrast to other operating systems, Linux is extremely flexible. There is a wide range of possible solutions for all conceivable challenges. We coordinate the needs of companies with the specifications of hardware and software manufacturers in an ideal way and thus ensure the smooth operation of the systems.



When it comes to supporting our customers, we rely on the flexible ATIX support models in the form of subscriptions.

We adapt our support services to individual needs – for example, it is possible to book a lower support level for less critical servers than for an essential server. It is even possible to focus support on individual servers.

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orcharhino operation

orcharhino is THE solution for data center orchestration! We automate data center lifecycle management as well as deployment and configuration management – all via a standardized interface. We are happy to provide comprehensive advice on our operating contingents for orcharhino!

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