Live patching und Foreman

Live Patching & Foreman—how it fits together

Apply patches and critical updates to your Linux kernel without rebooting your system, maximize uptime, and perform critical security updates and major bug fixes: in his talk, Bernhard presented how to combine and use this technology with Foreman.

Live Patching is an important solution to keep mission-critical systems safe. As you don’t have to schedule maintenance, you also don’t have to reboot the system, which means that you have no downtime.

There are several solutions for live patching, some of which depend on the OS (Oracle ksplice, for example) and some of which are OS-independent (TuxCare KernelCare). You can use Foreman/Katello to list installed packages on a host, manage the installation and update packages, and support restarting services.

In his presentation, Bernhard noted that kernel live patching support currently has room for improvement in Foreman/Katello and also presented corresponding options.

You can find the entire presentation here:

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