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Scaling Applications to Zero with Kubernetes and KEDA

For cost reasons, it is often neither feasible nor desirable to assign enough resources to a deployment for it to be able to handle peak loads at all times. Therefore, we typically scale applications up and down based on the load they are currently facing. This usually involves a minimum number of instances deployed at any time, even if there is no load. This minimum can force us to keep more worker nodes in our Kubernetes cluster than necessary as the instances have an assigned resource budget. In this blog post, we will take a look at how to reduce the minimum amount of deployed instances to zero and discuss which kinds of applications benefit from that the most.

Deploying a Kubernetes Cluster with orcharhino

This blog post is about an orcharhino feature called application-centric deployment (ACD), and describes the process of deploying a Kubernetes cluster with orcharhino. It allows administrators to create hosts based on application templates, and makes it easier to run multiple instances/versions of a complex application.