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Why are ATIX trainings better than an online tutorial? You can spend a lot of time (and hence, money) on finding the right video on the Internet. Also, they don’t offer any intercative elements, obviously, which are en important part of our trainings. Our trainers have many years of experience as consultants in customer projects, which goes beyond the content of the training. They know exactly what is important in practice and are real experts. They are happy to answer questions and take time for individual case studies. In addition, online videos often leave out important content. With the certificate of participation, participants also receive written proof of the knowledge and skills they have acquired. So let’s get going!



Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to use containers productively. They can create pipelines with GitLab, Jenkins and co. that build container images with Docker or alternatives, such as Buildah and kaniko. Participants build the necessary infrastructure in the course as container services.


  • Basic Linux knowledge:
    • Navigating on the command line
    • Installing packages
    • Managing processes and rights (recommended)
  • Understanding the operation of distributed applications (recommended)
  • Basic knowledge of version control systems, such as Git (recommended)


  • Gaining an overview of containers and their management
  • Getting to know useful tools
  • Creating a containerized apllication with GitLab
  • Creating and customizing container images, including automatic creation of a container image from the Dockerfile
  • Building automation with CI/CD pipelines
  • Comparing different container tools: Docker, Buildah, kaniko


€ 1.290 plus VAT (per participant)

Our trainings take place online.


On request

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Dr. Pascal Fries
IT Consultant

Detailed profile

Pascal Fries is a specialist for cloud-native technologies and works on the state of the art of modern IT and its automation. He advises our clients regarding infrastructure as code and continuous deployment, expecially in container environments. He is an expert at simplifying otherwise complex tasks and focuses on DevOps and GitOps.

What our participants say

“It had been clear for a long time that we wanted to use Docker. Only how tot do so was still a little uncertain. Fortunately, ATIX AG was there to help us with their expertise. Together, we were able to work out how we could package our software via pipeline as a Docker image and make it available to our customers—directly or in the cloud. That way, we not only deepened our understanding of containers, but we also went home with automation that works. ATIX’s expert and tailored support helped us get there quickly, and we’d get help here again anytime.”

Michael Hochgesang, Managing Director, beyond SSL

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