Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the training courses will take place online.

orcharhino Training

How do you manage your data center with orcharhino?


This training teaches the participants how orcharhino can be used to automatically manage a data center.


  • Overview of the functions of orcharhino
  • Creation of standardized host groups
  • Hostdeployment
  • Lifecyclemanagement
  • Patchmanagement
  • Configuration management (Puppet, Ansible, Saltstack)
  • Configuration of orcharhino
  • Additional Plugins (z.B. Remote Execution, Snapshot Tool)
  • Command Line Interface (Hammer CLI)


This course is intended for students who have little or no experience with orcharhino. The training starts with the initial installation. The participants then become familiar with the core functionalities of deployment, patch and lifecycle management and configuration management. At the end, the participants get an insight into different settings and functions of orcharhino ,which makes life easier for the admin.


After completing this course, students will be able to implement basic system configurations with best practices for orcharhino.


€1,890 plus VAT


12.04.2021 Monday – 14.04.2021 Wednesday

26.07.2021 Monday – 28.07.2021 Wednesday

04.10.2021 Monday – 06.10.2021 Wednesday

Registration – orcharhino Training


  • Basics in handling Linux and Terminal as well as basic knowledge for the installation of a Linux server is recommended.
  • Handling a terminal editor like vi(m), nano, emacs etc.
  • Basic understanding of SSH


All orcharhino trainings are conducted by experienced ATIX trainers. Our trainers have extensive experience in customer projects and are also active in the development community.

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