Tuesday, September 10, 11:00 – 11:45 a.m. CEST

Terraform in Action: Navigating Complex Environments with Multiple Teams

Webinar – Collaborate Effectively on Infrastructure with Terraform

  • Infrastructure as Code: Learn how Terraform automates and documents infrastructure changes, enhancing clarity and control.
  • Collaborative Tools Integration: Discover how Terraform and GitLab together streamline infrastructure provisioning and management across multiple administrators.

What will you learn about Terraform Infrastructure Management?

Explore the capabilities of Terraform to manage complex infrastructures through our detailed webinar. This session will focus on practical applications and the integration of developer tools to manage and document infrastructure efficiently.

  • Comprehensive Control and Management

    Learn how Terraform addresses a wide range of infrastructure management needs—from server deployment to network administration and decommissioning—while ensuring clarity and definitive control over your infrastructure, crucial in environments managed by multiple administrators.

  • Integration with DevOps

    See how Terraform works in tandem with GitLab for cloud deployments, highlighting the benefits of integrating IaC with DevOps practices for consistent infrastructure management.

  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

    Discover how Terraform implements IaC to turn your infrastructure into version-controlled code, enhancing transparency and consistency across all operations.

Why should you attend this Terraform webinar?

Join our webinar to understand how mastering Terraform can give you a competitive advantage in managing complex infrastructures:

  • Begin with Terraform

    Gain valuable insights into Terraform, starting from basic concepts to its application in real-world scenarios.

  • Integration Techniques

    See how Terraform can be seamlessly integrated with key DevOps tools like GitLab to streamline your development and operational tasks.

  • Multi-User Management Strategies

    Uncover strategies to manage your infrastructure more effectively when multiple administrators are involved, enhancing collaboration and reducing errors.

Meet Your Webinar Host: Martin Grundei

Martin Grundei is an IT Consultant at ATIX AG, specializing in the orchestration and automation of data centers and the architectural design of cloud scenarios. His deep knowledge and hands-on experience make him a trusted expert in the field. Here’s what Martin brings to the webinar:

  • Configuration Management Tools

    Extensive experience with Puppet, Ansible, and Terraform.

  • Infrastructure Solutions

    Proficient with Foreman and orcharhino for enhanced infrastructure management.

  • Client Solutions

    Proven track record in improving clients’ IT operations and implementations.

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