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Event-Driven Ansible

Event-Driven Ansible is here and it opens a whole new world of possibilites for working with Ansible. This article gives an introduction to it and shows a minimal example.

AWX and GitLab Webhooks

Tools like AWX and Ansible Automation Platform have become essential in large organizations to manage a large amount of Ansible projects. They provide the ability to pull Ansible code from multiple sources, schedule jobs, distribute credentials and permissions for different users in the organization, and a lot more. We recommend managing Ansible code in a version control system, specifically Git. There are several platforms for functions beyond mere version control. In this article, GitLab plays a central role.

Ansible Best Practices

Ansible is a tool that automates configuration management through code written in YAML. It is extremely popular, partly thanks to the fact that it works without clients and daemons: all it needs is Python and an SSH connection!