Ansible Training


To whom are the Ansible Trainings targeted?

Ansible training at ATIX – whether in fast track, for those who want quick results, or in extended training, for those who want to know everything, there is something for everyone who wants to start with Ansible!

Ansible Training – Fast Track

In The Ansible Training – “Fast Track”, participants learn to manage an Ansible infrastructure as well as the basic concepts and best practices for managing your infrastructure with Ansible. In this way, participants learn everything they need to manage an Ansible infrastructure, as well as familiar themselves with the concepts and best practices for managing your infrastructure with Ansible.

Ansible Training – Extended

In the Ansible Training – “Extended” participants are taught the contents of the Fast Track training, however, due to the additional day, the Trainer can go deeper into the content and adress any (additional) questions and issues of the participants individually and in greater detail.


  • Yaml
  • Ad-Hoc Commands
  • Ansible Playbooks
  • Inventories

  • Zero-downtime deployment
  • Tower introduction
  • Ansible debugging
  • Ansible and orcharhino


1.290,- € plus. legal VAT

€1,890 plus legal VAT


Once this course is complete, students will be able to implement basic system configurations with best practices for Ansible.


20.02.2020 Thursday – 21.02.2020 Friday

23.04.2020 Thursday – 24.04.2020 Friday

09.07.2020 Thursday – 10.07.2020 Friday

12.11.2020 Thursday – 13.11.2020 Friday

Registration – Ansible Fast Track

30.03.2020 Monday – 01.04.2020 Wednesday

25.05.2020 Monday – 27.05.2020 Wednesday

08.09.2020 Tuesday – 10.09.2020 Thursday

05.10.2020 Monday – 07.10.2020 Wednesday

Registration – Ansible Extended


These courses are intended for participants who have little or no experience with Ansible. Each course starts with a brief introduction to YAML. After that, participants first get to know the general structure of Ansible using Ad-Hoc commands. The first playbooks are then written and gradually supplemented with more complex components and best pratices.
Ansible is taught through a combination of lecture and relevant and practical exercises from everyday operations, so that participants are able to use Ansible themselves productively after completing the course.


  • Basics in dealing with Linux and Terminal (creating and managing files and folders)
  • Handling a terminal editor like vi(m), nano, emacs etc.
  • Basic understanding of SSH

Ansible Advanced Training


An wen richten sich Ansible Advanced Trainings?

Advanced Ansible Training is aimed at anyone who has already gained initial experience with Ansible — for example, in our Ansible “Fast Track” or “Extended” training — and wants to deepen their knowledge in the subject.

Ansible Advanced Training

In the Ansible Advanced Training – “Fast Track” the participants learn the basics for the development of their own modules and filters. We take a closer look at inventories and how to address cloud providers. Ansible workflows in the context of Git and CI pipelines are developed.
The course consists of a combination of lecture and relevant and practical exercises.


  • Testing with Ansible Molecule
  • Möglicher Git-Workflow und CI-Pipelines
  • Dynamic Inventories and Cloud Providers
  • Ansible Module Development
  • Ansible Collections
  • Advanced Jinja2
  • Filter Development


690,- € plus legal VAT


Thursday 02.04.2020

Thursday 28.05.2020

Friday 11.09.2020

Thursday 08.10.2020

Anmeldung – Ansible Advanced


Every Ansible training is conducted by experienced ATIX trainers. Our trainers have gained extensive experience with Ansible in customer projects and are also active in the developer community.

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