The service mesh Istio extends your container platform (Kubernetes, OpenShift) by essential functionalities in the networking part for distributed systems. The tool is a open-source project mainly developed and designed by Google, IBM and Lyft. Istio sits on top of your container platform and takes over the key tasks of traffic management, network security, policy enforcement and telemetry collection. The features of Istio render the possibility to make the entire traffic in your container platform visible, to restrict the traffic via custom sets of rules, to encrypt all the traffic within the container platform and to control the traffic in a way that new versions of a container application can be rolled out into a production environment fast and secure.


  • The traffic management of Istio helps to roll out new versions of a container application into a production environment controlled and secure (blue-green deployment, canary release, traffic mirroring)
  • Istio’s security features enable automated two-way TLS encryption for all communication within the container platform (Secure by default, Defense in Depth, Zero-Trust Network).
  • The policy enforcement of Istio allows for the configuration of custom rules for container applications to be enforced at runtime (rate limits, denials, white-/blacklists)
  • Istio’s Telemetry Collection supports the monitoring and visualization of network traffic and the analysis of data (metrics, logs, tracing).

How Do We Support You?

  • Targeted planning of the service mesh to your needs
  • Feasibility analysis and concept development under consideration of the requirements portfolio
  • Deploying and operational support to your service mesh
  • Training your employees on how to use and manage service mesh
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