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ATIX @ CfgMgmt Camp 2020

Da wir in den letzten beiden Jahren so gute Erfahrungen gemacht haben, reiste auch dieses Jahr eine Delegation der ATIX-Crew zum CfgMgmt Camp (Config Management Camp) nach Gent. Aus ökologischen Gründen verzichteten wir aufs Flugzeug und fuhren gesammelt mit einem Auto nach Belgien.

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11th Foreman Birthday Event

11th Foreman Birthday Event

For 11 years, the Foreman has been at our sides to improve our lives and manage our physical and virtual servers. For 11 years, Foreman gave system administrators the power to easily automate repetitive tasks, quickly deploy applications, and proactively manage servers. It’s time to pack your bags and set your calendars to alert you on July 28, 2020! Save the date for the  Foreman’s 11th Birthday Party organized by ATIX, NETWAYS, and the Foreman Project!


14:00 – 14:10: Welcome – Mark Hlawatschek
14:10 – 14:40: Foreman user survey – Greg Sutcliffe
14:45 – 15:10: Making Puppet Optional – Tomer Brisker
15:15 – 15:40: Contributing to Foreman without Writing Code – Maximilian Kolb
15:45 – 16:10: Katello and Pulp 3 and Me: How to get there and what it will do for you! – Justin Sherill
16:15 – Open End: Social event

When? July 28, 2020

Where? Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot meet in person this year. Therefore the Foreman Birthday is taking place online:

We celebrate the 11th birthday of Foreman. Because of corona, we can not meet each other and have our great foreman birthday cake.

Therefore we think, we will spend some money for the organization „Save The Children“ instead of buying many foreman birthday cakes:

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