Puppet for Windows Training

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the training courses will take place online.


For Windows administrators, the introduction to configuration management with Puppet is somewhat different than for Linux administrators. Shell commands and scripts are the means of choice under Linux from the beginning, under Windows it is only slowly establishing itself. In addition, the Puppet Community offers far fewer ready-made modules for Windows than for Linux, which are also tailored to very basic tasks. As a result, Windows administrators have to write significantly more puppet code themselves, but can access known Windows resources.

The training “Puppet for Windows” focuses on the basics of Puppet syntax, working methods (code development, versioning, automation) and module development strategies.

Puppet for Windows – Fast Track

In our Puppet training for Windows administrators, participants learn the basics of the configuration management tool Puppet, test the way it works under Windows and learn about the special features of using it under Windows.

Puppet for Windows – Extended

In our Puppet for Windows Extended training, participants are taught the contents of the Fast Track training, but the additional day allows them to provide more detail on the content, as well as more individually and in detail to the (additional) questions and issues of the participants.


  • The participants get to know the following:
  • Configuration management in a master client infrastructure
  • Puppet syntax and resources
  • Using the tools git, pdk and VS Code
  • Windows-specific puppet resources
  • advanced language concepts


1.150,- € plus. VAT (online)

1.290,- € plus. VAT


€1,750 plus VAT (online)

€1,890 plus VAT


Upon completion of the course, students will be able to develop Puppet modules for Windows and integrate Windows servers into a Puppet infrastructure.


30.11.2020 Monday – 01.12.2020 Tuesday

Registration Puppet for Windows Fast Track

23.11.2020 Monday – 25.11.2020 Wednesday

Registration Puppet for Windows Extended


  • Programmatic approach to Windows system administration:
    – PowerShell
    – Desired State Configurations (is recommended)
    – Edit Registry
  • Experience with software development processes is recommended


All Puppet for Windows trainings are conducted by experienced ATIX trainers. Our trainers have extensive experience with the orchestration of data centers in customer projects and are also active in the development community.

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