Kubernetes Training


In our Kubernetes training, participants will be taught the basics of Kubernetes and the orchestration of containers in 3 days. The participants will learn everything they need to build and manage a container cluster, as well as key concepts and best practices for the stable and safe operation of applications in the Kubernetescluster.


  • A brief introduction to the topic of dockers and containers
  • Technical overview of the construction of Kubernetes and the core components
  • Resources, objects and commands in Kubernetes
  • Deployment, management and operation of applications in Kubernetes
  • Link applications to load-balanced services accessible from the outside
  • Initialize applications with configuration data and connect persistent storage
  • Logging and monitoring at a glance
  • Insight into enterprise platforms


This course is designed for participants who have already gained their first experience with Docker and containers. After a brief introduction to containers, the construction of a Kubernetes cluster is explained and a basic understanding of how the cluster is used is created. The details of deploying an application are conveyed and the Kubernetes objects are presented that can manage the entire lifecycle of an application. Load balancing and personal storage are addressed, as well as infrastructure applications that enable logging and monitoring, for example.

The training consists of a combination of lecture and practical exercises. The exercises are based on the day-to-day operations of Kubernetes clusters. Once this course is complete, participants will be able to deploy, manage and operate their applications in a Kubernetes cluster, link the applications to externally accessible, load-balanced services, and the persistence of the data from their Applications.


€1,890 plus legal VAT


Wednesday – Friday 18:09. – 20.09.2019
Wednesday – Friday 27.11. – 29.11.2019

Registration – Kubernetes Training


Upon completion of this course, students will be able to package and operate applications in docker containers.


All Kubernetes training courses are carried out by experienced ATIX trainers. Our trainers have gained extensive experience with Kubernetes in customer projects and are also active in the developer community.

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