Open Source Automation Day

Open Source Automation Day

What was 2018 about?

In order to give you a better impression of what topics you can expect to be covered by OSAD, we would like to take another look at OSAD 2018. The following lectures were on the agenda:

Michael Fettweis

Why are container technologies so important today?

Michael FettweisDocker GmbH, Director Central Europe Sales

Mike Place

The case for Event-Driven Automation

Mike PlaceSaltStack - Director of Engineering

Erol Ülükmen

Continuous Deployment with opsi

Erol Ülükmenuib GmbH - CEO

Dr. Bernhard Hopfenmüller

Ansible – “Half of it nobody understands anyway”

Dr. Bernhard HopfenmüllerATIX AG - IT Consultant

Thomas Schweier

Puppet in the IT-DLZ

Thomas SchweierBayer. LDBV

Christian Stankowic

Automated Linux maintenance with katprep

Christian StankowicSVA GmbH - System Engineer

Timo Goebel

IT automation at DM

Timo GoebeldmTech GmbH

Ralf Dannert


Ralf DannertSUSE, System Engineer

Paul Puschmann

From Monolith to Microservices

Paul PuschmannREWE Digital GmbH, DevOps Engineer

David Schmitt

Continuous Delivery around GitHub

David SchmittPuppet, Principal Software Engineer

Mark Hlawatschek

The basis for innovation – IT automation with orcharhino

Mark HlawatschekATIX AG, CEO

Mathias Brandstetter


Mathias BrandstetterTrend Micro, Global Web IS Senior Specialist

Dr. Jonas Trüstedt

Containers from the assembly line

Dr. Jonas TrüstedtATIX AG - Senior Consultant

Evgeni Golov

Automated testing and release of software packages with Katello and Ansible

Evgeni GolovSoftware Engineer, Red Hat

Christopher Branston

SUSE Linux – Because freedom simply tastes better

Christopher BranstonSUSE - Partner Executive

Martin Alfke

Ops hates containers! Why?

Martin Alfkeexample42, CEO

Dr. Bernhard Hopfenmüller

Apache Kafka®

Dr. Bernhard HopfenmüllerATIX AG - IT Consultant

Lukas Plattner

The foreman makes the puppets dance

Lukas PlattnerAPA-IT GmbH - System Manager

Jens Schanz

Infrastructure as Code or Why OPS Need Automation

Jens SchanzMüller Holding Ltd. & Co. KG, System Engineer

Andreas Lambrecht

Docker Enterprise in DevOps context

Andreas LambrechtDocker - PreSales Engineer

The OSAD 2018 in pictures

Open Source Automation Days 2020

Open Source Automation Days 2020

Open Source Automation Days 2020: Experience Munich’s largest manufacturer-independent open source conference – this year as an online event! Attend the workshop day on 19.10.2020 and the two conference days on 20.10. and 21.10.2020!

Key topics are:

  • Open Source Culture

  • Container Platforms

  • Cloud Native

  • Infrastructure as Code

  • App Tests & Deployments

  • Multi Cloud

  • DevOps

  • Classical IT-Automation

To give you a better idea of what topics you expect from OSAD, let’s take another look at OSAD 2019.

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Ingrid Harner
Ingrid HarnerHead of Marketing & Sales
Tobias Wagner
Tobias WagnerMarketing Manager

Streaming Workshop

Streaming Workshop Munich


Streaming Workshop

More companies are using distributed event streaming platforms that enable not only publish-and-subscribe, but also the storage and process data. Companies across all industries are now relying on real-time data to personalize customer experiences or detect fraudulent behavior.

On July 24, 2019, Confluent, provider of an event streaming platform based on Apache Kafka®, and ATIX, the Linux and open source specialist, invite you to a three-hour workshop in Munich to demonstrate different use cases of streaming technology in large- and midsize- companies. These include examples from Deutsche Bahn, AirBnB and more.

Please RSVP to reserve your seat, we only have limited spaces available!


15:30 – 16:00: Registration and snacks

16:00 – 17:00: Real-time processing of large amounts of data: What is a streaming platform? How do companies use Apache Kafka and Confluent? – Confluent

17:00 – 17:45: How to use Apache Kafka & Confluent (and how not to) – Bernhard Hopfenmüller, ATIX

17:45 – 18:30: Your streaming journey, more use cases and open discussions – all

18:30 – 21:00: Get together, Dinner, Q&A

Workshop details:

  • Real-time processing of large amounts of data: an event streaming platform as the central nervous system in the enterprise
  • Challenges and solutions for integrating, processing and storing large amounts of data in real time
  • Why both the tech giants from Silicon Valley and established, successful businesses (must) rely on event streaming platforms
  • Use cases from the automotive and financial sector, retail, logistics companies and more
  • Apache Kafka as the de facto standard both for Global 2000 and in SMEs for future transformation projects

Sessions will be held in English per request.

Parkring 15, 3rd floor
85748 Garching bei München

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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Ingrid Harner
Ingrid HarnerHead of Marketing & Sales
Tobias Wagner
Tobias WagnerMarketing Manager

Open Source Automation Days 2019

Open Source Automation Days 2019

On 15.10. 15.10. and 16.10.2019 the Open Source Automation Days took place at Hilton Munich Airport. Central topics this year are:

  • Lifecycle-Management

  • Configuration Management

  • Cloud-Native Apps

  • Multi-Cloud Infrastructures

  • Container Platforms

  • Artificial Intelligence

To give you a better idea of what topics you expect from OSAD, let’s take another look at OSAD 2019.

Featured Speakers

Steven McAuley

Chief Strategy Officer, TinyBox Inc.

Andreas Pöschl

Andreas Pöschl

Senior Solutions Architect, BMW AG

Martin Alfke

CEO, example42

Marc Grimme

CTO, Fidor Solutions

Henning von Kielpinski

Technical Account Manager, Google Deutschland

Dr. Tobias Klug

IT Architect, Tools and Infrastructure Business Unit, City of Munich

Timo Goebel

Product Manager, dmTECH GmbH

Tim Meusel

DevOps Engineer, GoDaddy

Christian Stankowic

Christian Stankowic

Senior System Engineer, SVA

Nicolas Frankel

Developer Advocate, Exoscale, Overs

Lukas Plattner

Lukas Plattner

Security Management, Automation & Optimizing IT Operations, APA-IT

Lukas Zapletal

Software Engineer, RedHat

Jens Schanz

Team leadership 2nd-level branch systems, IT service/application, Müller Holding GmbH & Co. Kg

Andreas la Quiante

Pre-Sales Engineer, Cumulus Networks

Erkan Yanar

Freelance consultant specializing in MySQL, LXC/Docker, DevOps, K8s, and OpenStack

Hellmar Becker

Senior Sales Engineer, Confluent

Erol Ülükmen

Managing Director, uib

Tobias Stadler

Programmer, petaFuel GmbH

Michael Pollett

Infrastructure and Data Lead, DataCamp

Roland Wolters

Product Manager for Infrastructure Management and Automation, Redhat

Paul Puschmann

DevOps Engineer / Squad Architect, REWE Digital GmbH

Jonas Trüstedt

Senior Consultant, ATIX AG

Berhard Hopfenmüller

Senior Consultant and Team Leader, ATIX AG

Sebastian Oehlke

IT Consultant, ATIX AG

Andy Wirtz

IT Consultant, ATIX AG

Toshaan Bharvani

IT consultant, VanTosh

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Ingrid Harner
Ingrid HarnerHead of Marketing & Sales
Tobias Wagner
Tobias WagnerMarketing Manager

Registration for the Linux Stammtisch Munich

Registration for the Linux-Stammtisch Munich