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docker training

Docker Training

docker training

Docker Training

How to automatically get from Dockerfile to the finished container image in the registry is something Youtube tutorials often leave out. Participants of our Docker training learn how to work with containers and, above all, which tools make their work easier. By the end of the course, they will be able to create pipelines using GitLab, Jenkins and co to build container images using Docker or alternatives like Buildah and kaniko. They build the necessary infrastructure in the course itself as container services.

We would be happy to create an individual Docker training tailored to your specific situation upon request.


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This course is intended for students who have little or no experience with Docker. It starts with an introduction to containers to ensure a common level of knowledge. After that, participants will set up GitLab as a containerized application. With this infrastructure, they learn to build images: first entirely by hand, eventually fully automatically. Finally, participants learn about Docker alternatives and build their images with Buildah or kaniko, for example.

The training consists of a combination of lecture and practical exercises from everyday operations. Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to use containers productively.


  • basic Linux knowledge:
    • Navigation on the command line
    • Install packages
    • Process management (is recommended)
    • Rights management (is recommended)
  • Understanding the operation of distributed applications is recommended
  • Basic knowledge of version control systems (git) is recommended


  • Overview of containers and their management
  • Create and customize container images
  • Build automation with CI/CD pipelines
  • Comparison of different container tools: Docker, Buildah, kaniko


1.290,- € plus. VAT (also for individual trainings)

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the training courses will take place online.


28.11.2022 Monday – 29.11.2022 Tuesday (SOLD OUT)

09.02.2023 Thursday – 10.02.2023 Friday

11.05.2023 Thursday – 12.05.2023 Friday

Note: Please note that we reserve the right to cancel/postpone the training up to two weeks before the date if the minimum number of participants is not reached.

What our participants say

“It had been clear for a long time that we wanted to use Docker. Only the “how” was still a little uncertain. Fortunately, ATIX AG was there to help us with their expertise. Together, we were able to work out how we could package our software via pipeline as a Docker image and make it available to our customers — directly or in the cloud. So not only did we deepen our understanding of containers, but we also went home with automation that works. ATIX’s expert and tailored support helped us get there quickly, and we’d get help here again anytime.”

Michael Hochgesang, Managing Director, beyond SSL

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