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Company — Who are we?

We are THE Linux & Open Source Company From Garching near Munich. As an IT service provider in the field of infrastructure with a focus on Linux in the data center, we are the leading Linux system house in the German-speaking region. We offer your company professional IT consulting, innovative engineering and first-class technical support. The basics of our work are:

  • Expertise
  • Independence & Neutrality
  • Professionalism
  • Flexibility

What do we want to achieve?

Our goal is to generate added value for your business. In doing so, we rely on individual advice, the use of our products as well as lived, maximum know-how transfer. The focus on Linux is of particular importance. We help establish Linux as the standard in the mission critical environment. Our independence from manufacturers plays a crucial role in this.

What are our tasks?

We deal responsibly with all IT issues. We examine and assess existing security risks and anticipate the impact of new developments. Based on this knowledge, we offer our clients services in the three core areas of consulting, engineering and support. Information is our capital and the internal exchange of it is our highest priority.

How do we work?

Teamwork is our top priority. With us, specialists and all-rounders work hand in hand with transparent consideration of professional responsibilities. We live a cooperative leadership style, sustained by trust and mutual respect. Our work is characterized by quality, independence and service orientation. The idea of “never stop learning” applies and that is why we develop our expertise through continuous training. In doing so, we make sure that newly acquired know-how is accessible to every team member, so that we can respond quickly and purposefully to the ever-growing challenges of IT.

And who are our heads?

Thomas Merz, Chairman

To the chagrin of his parents, he discovered early on his passion for everything that rings, beeps and transmits and in the early 1990s was one of the few young people with his own mobile phone, Internet access and e-mail address. His “favourite pastime” is the telecommunications infrastructure of ATIX AG – sometimes to the delight and sometimes to the chagrin of the employees.

“The majority of society now takes ubiquitous means of communication for granted without question – what is technically feasible and as easy to use as possible will finds its users. The knowledge of the underlying technical connections, dependencies and possibilities as well as the resulting dangers are probably one of the most current and exciting IT topics of the coming years.”

Mark Hlawatschek, CEO (Head of Consulting)

Mark Hlawatschek, born in 1975, is responsible for IT consulting and engineering as a member of the Executive Board. 1995 the studied electrical and information technician founded the company from which ATIX Informationstechnologie und Consulting AG emerged in 2007. Through projects such as the development of the reference architecture for high-availability SAP installations on Linux, he helped to initiate the triumphal march of Enterprise Linux infrastructures. Today, he is driving the standardization and automation of infrastructures and the operation of secure virtual data centers.

“The development of IT infrastructures is one of the most impressive topics of our time. The industrial revolution in the area of setting up and operating IT landscapes has only just begun. Here we can learn from the experience of other areas and rely on open standards and interfaces. I also see the field of data security and ownership as exciting challenges for the future.”

ATIX Chronik

Here you can read an overview of how a student project with its headquarters in the parent’s cellar developed into today’s ATIX AG:

  • 1995: Foundation of ATIX GbR as a student project.
  • 2007: Together with Red Hat and SAP, ATIX defines the worldwide standard for highly available SAP under Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  • 2008: ATIX AG becomes Red Hat’s first and only Premier Business Partner for IT infrastructure in Europe (highest partner level).
  • 2010: ATIX now supports some of the largest SAP installations under Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  • 2011: ATIX becomes the specialist for Linux and Open Source in data centers throughout the German-speaking area.
  • 2013: The ATIX AG bundles its competences in the three business areas: Consulting, Engineering and Support.
  • 2014: ATIX opens the ATIX Training Center in Unterschleißheim.
  • 2015: ATIX hosts the first SOE conference and lands a hit with the theme of Standard Operating Environment.
  • 2016: The ATIX publishes orcharhino, the successor to the SOE manager. In addition, the ATIX offers official puppet training and becomes the first partner in Germany.
  • 2018: The ATIX moves to Garching on the business campus in new premises.

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