Data Streaming

To achieve the agility and speed required by the market, organizations need to be able to process data in real time, respond to it, and deliver the data to any number of processing systems or users. Previously used technologies for storing and evaluating large amounts of data are not capable of processing real-time data flows. Creating agile processes and IT operations that respond to real-world events in real time requires a data streaming architecture as the central nervous system of the digital enterprise.

Where is data streaming used?

Most organizations are faced with a flood of data coming from (new) applications, websites, the IoT and more. The ideal architecture most people envision is a clean, streamlined system that allows companies to capitalize on all this data. There are a wide variety of use cases for this purpose:

  • Event-driven data evaluation, e.g. for fraud detection in banking, processing of large amounts of data for swarm intelligence applications or autonomous driving.
  • Loose coupling or decoupling of legacy applications and modern applications with Kafka as a common event streaming platform.
  • Creation or expansion of micro services architecture.
  • Realization of dynamic analytics applications, e.g. for machine learning.
  • Migration or merging old applications, e.g. in M & A scenarios: By storing the data from the old application in Kafka, the target applications can access them at any time and permanently.

Confluent – Apache Kafka

Confluent Platform improves Apache Kafka by expanding its Integration capabilities and complementing it with Tools to optimize and manage Kafka clusters, as well as methods to ensure the safety of streams. Confluent Platform makes Kafka easier to develop and operate. Confluent Open Source is free to download, while Confluent Enterprise is available as a subscription.

Here is how we can support you

  • During the planning and implementation of your Kafka Cluster in close cooperation with our partner Confluent
  • When implementing the solution designed for You
  • When adapting the chosen solution to your specific needs
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