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Salt stack

Salt is an orchestration/configuration management tool that, along with Puppet and Ansible, is one of the most prominent representatives of its type.
Salt represents the best of two worlds: On the one hand, Salt allows automated configuration management by using a master client principle similar to Puppet.
On the other hand, Salt like Ansible can also be used without a client and via SSH. A unique selling point of Salt is the reactor system. This allows actions to be triggered fully automatically in response to certain events, for example. Rebooting a system after installing updates.


  • Easy-to-write configurations in YAML
  • Idempotenz (the final state is described, not the way to go)
  • Low system requirements (SSH and Python > = 2.6)
  • OS independent (SLES, RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Windows, macOS, …)
  • Reactive configuration management deployment and operation of cloud infrastructure with Salt Cloud
  • Management of Unix and Windows systems

How do we support you?

  • When planning a deployment infrastructure using SaltStack
  • When It comes to implementation through concept, PoC and installation
  • When integrating Salt with systems like orcharhino or SuseManager
  • By taking specific infrastructure requirements into account

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