With orcharhino, ATIX AG offfers THE solution for orchestrating data centers! Automate your deployment and Configuration Management, as well as your life cycle and patch management. Manage everything through an integrated Interface.

orcharhino features

Automatic Deployment

orcharhino allows preconfigured servers (both virtual and physical) to be deployed at the touch of a button via a network-based installation.

More Information can be found in our documentation.

Configuration Management

Configuration management is the automatic configuration and maintenance of your servers. orcharhino uses Puppet as a standard solution for configuration management. In addition, existing Ansible or SaltStack infrastructures can be easily integrated.

For more information on configuration management with orcharhino, see our documentation.

Release and Patch Management

Automated patch and release management includes the provision, management and installation of patches and software updates for your infrastructure.

Further information on release and patch management can be found in our Doccumentation.

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Automatic Deployment

Configuration Management

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