Open Source Automation Day

What was 2018 about?

In order to give you a better impression of what topics you can expect to be covered by OSAD, we would like to take another look at OSAD 2018. The following lectures were on the agenda:

Why are container technologies so important today?

The case for Event-Driven Automation

Continuous Deployment with opsi

Ansible – “Half of it nobody understands anyway”

Puppet in the IT-DLZ

Automated Linux maintenance with katprep

IT automation at DM


From Monolith to Microservices

Continuous Delivery around GitHub

The basis for innovation – IT automation with orcharhino


Containers from the assembly line

Automated testing and release of software packages with Katello and Ansible

SUSE Linux – Because freedom simply tastes better

Ops hates containers! Why?

Apache Kafka®

The foreman makes the puppets dance

Infrastructure as Code or Why OPS Need Automation

Docker Enterprise in DevOps context