Why cloud computing is more fun with DevSecOps

Wednesday, October 18, 4:00 p.m. CEST

What is the webinar about?

Just like the strategic decision to transfer your own software to the cloud, DevSecOps also starts in the head.

The targeted promotion of a modern corporate and communication culture enables optimal collaboration across team boundaries. In the cloud context, this collaboration reaches its highest effectiveness.

The integration of security into every step of our processes, automated security tests, observability and the mindset of interdisciplinary overall responsibility reduce risks and address problems proactively. Innovation and experimentation are always encouraged.

In this webinar, we’ll explore how DevSecOps and cloud computing work hand-in-hand.

Meet our Experts: Sascha Rauch and Vincent Welker

Vincent Welker

Vincent believes in a comprehensive view of projects and a customized, application-centric container infrastructure. As a DevOps Engineer, he provides knowledge from software development to operations and helps customers transition to or set up DevOps scenarios. He provides support in common technology stacks and specializes in containerization and migration of existing applications.

Vincent Welker on LinkedIn

Sascha Rauch

Sascha has several years of experience in managing cloud projects and developing highly available cloud architectures. He is a specialist in DevSecOps and container orchestration and primarily supports companies in building cluster solutions, CI/CD chains and analytics stacks.

Sascha Rauch on LinkedIn

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