As a pure open source solution, Kubernetes offers the widest possible scope for High-availability environments. Due to the untouchability, the system can be modular in its components, as well as interchangeable. This allows you to replace key components such as a software-defined network if needed. System updates can be played in within a short period of time through a gentle rollout mechanism. Kubernetes integrates with any automation tool of choice and completes infrastructure standardization.


  • Distribution-independent Open Source product
  • Flexible Set-up Options
  • Software-defined network can be used variably (Weave, Calico, Cilium, Etc …)
  • Open source web dashboard
  • High Scalability
  • Integration of your Infrastructure components (CI/CD Pipeline
  • On-Premise or can be used in the Cloud
  • multi-client capable

How do we support You?

  • We plan with you the optimal configuration of your open source
  • High availability environment
  • Initial deployment of a Kubernetes platform Tuned to your infrastructure
  • Operational support for your
    Kubernetes High-availability environment
  • Training your staff to use and manage

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