PulpCon 2022

Maximilian Kolb, Quirin Pamp, Markus Reisner

“A user story: From packaging Pulp to using Pulp”

“You may know us as pulp_deb maintainers, or as Foreman/Katello contributers, but today we want to tell you about our experiences as Pulp users.

We all work for ATIX, specifically on the orcharhino downstream enterprise product based on the Foreman/Katello open source project. Katello contains Pulp and so we are at PulpCon!

Working on a downstream enterprise product implies packaging our own version of the upstream, so we do package our own version of various Pulp RPM packages.

This talk introduces our new GitLab CI RPM packaging pipeline that uses Pulp to package and store Pulp packages. That’s a lot of Pulp! 😉 Using Pulp as our artifact store has greatly improved our build pipeline efficiency and run times. Join us to find out how!”

Maximilian Kolb, Quirin Pamp, Markus Reisner